Coveted bioplastics award goes to Danone


Berlin—The mood at the opening of the 6th European Bioplastics Conference (Berlin, Germany) was jubilant, as for the very first time, conference attendance "broke the 400 barrier", as Andy Sweetman, chairman of European Plastics phrased it. And, in accordance with the best Bioplastics tradition, the day closed with a bang when Michael Thielen of Bioplastics Magazine announced the winner of the magazine's Annual Global Bioplastics Award. This year, the award went to Danone GmbH (Germany). An international panel of judges selected Danone from a shortlist of five nominees, citing the company's "significant contribution to moving bioplastics from a niche packaging product to a mass market product."

Danone, a leading producer of products such as medical nutrition and baby food and the global number one manufacturer of dairy products, this year became the first major corporation to package two of their biggest brands in bio-based materials. Today, Danone's Actimel yoghurt drink is packaged around the world in bio-HDPE from Braskem (Brazil), while in Germany, its Activia yoghurt cups are no longer made of PS, but from PLA produced by NatureWorks.

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