Covestro to recycle saline wastewater discharged from PC production


Materials manufacturer Covestro (Leverkusen, Germany) has announced that it is testing an innovative and environmentally-friendly process for recycling the saline process wastewater generated during the production of polycarbonate. The company has opened a pilot plant for the process at the Krefeld-Uerdingen site in Germany.

The new technology will help to reduce the salt levels in natural watercourses such as the Rhine and to conserve potable water resources. The new pilot plant was inaugurated by the German Federal Minister for the Environment, Dr. Barbara Hendricks, whose ministry, calling it “an outstanding example of how a closed-cycle approach can be put into practice in industry,” also provided some €740,000 in funding to support the project. In total, the project required an investment of around €3.7 million.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Markus Steilemann, Head of Innovation at Covestro, acknowledged the contribution made by the government, saying: "The generous support from the federal government encourages us to remain diligent in our efforts to develop sustainable technologies and products."
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