Covestro bursts onto plastics scene in vibrant color at Fakuma 2015


Introducing a new name to the market can be a challenge, but it’s one that Covestro (Leverkusen, Germany) has taken on with gusto. Covestro, the company formerly known as Bayer MaterialScience, went to enormous lengths at the Fakuma trade show last week to ensure that everybody knew their name. Curious, courageous and colorful: this was how CEO Patrick Thomas characterized the emotional values of the new company during a press conference at the show.

Covestro was out to leave an impression, demonstrating its independence “rather like an adolescent child leaving the safety of home,” as he put it. But he also stressed that Covestro was also proud of its origins. “We’ve even taken a bit of the logo with us: the blue-green of the Bayer circle is still there, but then it explodes into a rainbow of opportunities,” he said. “Color, as in diversity—in all sense of the word.”

Building upon 80 years of leadership and innovation, Covestro is the world’s leading supplier of polyurethanes, polycarbonate, coatings and other materials. The company develops high-performance products for an entire series of attractive industrial segments. “We like our focus. There is no other polymer that we want to go after to add to our portfolio,” said Patrick Thomas. “And we will continue this focus into the future.”
With good reason: according to a study carried out by a major consultancy group, the market for these materials is set to double over the next decade.
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