Counterfeit plastic material at heart of another vehicle recall


Honestly, you'd think that these big automotive companies would have learned their lesson by now after hearing these stories from other companies, but like my mother used to tell me, "everyone has to learn their own lessons." Now Aston Martin is learning the price of their mistake of making critical automotive parts in China.

On Wednesday the company issued a recall on 17,590 cars due to counterfeit plastic material being used to injection mold accelerator pedal arms in the company's "luxury" sports cars built since late 2007 (the left-hand drive side) and right-hand drive models built since May 2012.

The recall was triggered by a report from a dealer in Connecticut early December that a replacement pedal arm that was being fitted broke during the installation process. That's when the company discovered that "counterfeit DuPont plastic material" was being used by the molder, Kexiang Mould Tool Co Ltd, a Chinese subcontractor. I'll bet DuPont was thrilled to hear that news!
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