Could you make mold trials a formality?


Designs have been approved, steel has been cut, and the tool has been polished; what will the first mold trial bring? SIGMA Plastics Services says its SIGMASOFT virtual mold and process software can bring molders first-shot success. How valuable would it be for your business if the a new tool produced acceptable parts during the first molding trial without re-cutting the cavity, cooling lines, or runner design?

In a free webcast at, entitled "How Injection Molders Achieve First Shot Success with SIGMASOFT", Matt Proske VP of SIGMA Plastic Services, will walk attendees through the powerful 3D simulation software, tapping into his 13 years of experience with the program. As part of the presentation, Proske will share molders' stories about how they capitalized on the benefits of this new technology. Proske says the webcast will also illustrate how the software promotes effective communication and how its documentation can close the loop between engineering and production.

Additional topics will include the impact of virtual mold and process development on...
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