Corona - New Application Aspects

Corona treatment has proved to be a reliable process which does not require any chemical additives. However, the rollers in use have to fulfill special requirements as they are subject to severe stress during application. Inometa, the Herford-based specialist for rollers, has developed the new PROTEK layer for corona treatment, which combines the functional safety of a rubber coating with the wear advantages of a ceramic coating, thus creating a roller surface that meets the high stress requirements.

Plastics have an insulating and water-repellent surface. The application of paint, adhesives or bonding agents requires surface treatment. One way to improve wettability is corona treatment, in which the structure, e.g. of plastic films made of polypropylene, is changed from non-polar to polar using corona discharge.

The ever-increasing demands on corona rollers can only be partially met by conventional rollers. Ozone resistance, perfect electrical insulation, dielectric strength, excellent uniformity, long service life - grounded metal rollers can only meet part of the requirements, the same applies to steel rollers with rubber or silicone coating. The most common problems are premature wear of the roller surface, or even cracks in the coating, leading to breakdowns and thus undesirable costs.

The new PROTEK corona coating offers Inometa customers long-lasting cost-saving benefits. "As a roller specialist, we are familiar with the issue of lightweight as well as with the continuous development and production of application-oriented high-performance coatings," explains Stephan Palenga, Sales Manager at Inometa. "We are pleased to offer a new and highly performant layer system for use on irradiation rollers and thus to help our customers improve their performance."

Assured quality:Every single functional roller produced by Inometa is submitted to a strict final inspection. This includes, among other things, a professional measurement of dielectric strength.

Inometa will present corona coating at this year's K Trade Fair for Plastics in Düsseldorf (stand C 35 in hall 4).