Cork purity battles pit ‘natural’ wine stoppers against elastomer-based versions


Four California winemakers have recorded a video explaining why they've joined the 100% Cork initiative and only use natural cork to seal their wines. The reasons the winemakers stated for their natural-cork preference ranged from the view that natural cork allows buyers to age wines to the belief that it imparts flavors to wine, including creaminess, nuttiness, and "spicy vanilla". The initiative is sponsored by the Portuguese Cork Association and the Cork Quality Council.

Lance Ignon of 100% Cork told PlasticsToday that cork holds a 65% share of the global market for wine closures, and in the U.S. it is once again gaining share after ceding ground to alternative stoppers over the past decade. Ignon said plastic-based stoppers seemed to have the most negative momentum. "Among alternative stoppers, the ones made from plastic are losing the most ground," Ignon said. "Notwithstanding the innumerable good uses for plastic, they haven't caught on well as wine closures." Ignon added that in his view the elastomer-based corks tend to leak, causing oxidation of the wine, and in general they have met "significant consumer resistance."...
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