Coperion improves ZSK Mc18 series compounders

More user-friendly "smart” versions of established 18mm, 26mm and 32mm screw diameter ZSK Mc18 Megacompounder, first introduced in 2010, and the 27mm and 34mm screw diameter ZSK Megavolume Plus twin-screw compounding extruders have been introduced by Coperion.

With these, Coperion has improved access for cleaning and other tasks by reducing the height of the axes above the floor to 800mm. As twin shaft ZS-B (Zweiwellige Seiten-Beschickung) side feeding and ZS-EG (Zweiwellige Seiten-Entgasung) units can be fitted to a swivelling arm mounted on extruder process section barrels, these can be operated more easily and safely without using ladders, platforms or overhead cranes. Feeders are mounted either on a platform on the drive unit or on the same swivelling arm as the ZS-B.

Electrical supply and terminal box, along with the water supply system and its distribution manifold are now all integrated within the extruder's base frame, resulting in a smoother exterior housing that can be more easily cleaned.

A single-piece stainless steel cover with inner insulation over the process section serves to provide more even temperature and reduced heat loss, while also keeping dust under control and giving safety protection from unauthorised manipulation while the extruder is running.

The new "smart”version of the MC18 extruder now comes with a new CSpro control system, a redesigned die head and a new high-resolution torque measurement unit, which can be retrofitted to existing extruders. The ZSK Mc18 series features high specific torque of 18 Nm/cm³ and Coperion says these extruders are both easy to handle and highly efficient, even when processing small batches with frequent product changes.

As with the established ZSK twin-screw extruder series, the MC18 smart can also be provided with feed enhancement technology (FET) for improved feeding of powder-form bulk materials containing high levels of air or gas. Coperion points out that using the ZS-B side feeder downstream in combination with FET to feed components directly into the melt enables the high torque to fully utilised for gentle material processing, the ZS-EG side venting equipment also making a further contribution towards reliable processing.

New SK 58 and SK 70 extruder die heads have a redesigned temperature control system, ensuring homogeneous extruded strands, through even temperature distribution across the entire die plate, even with high throughput, Coperion claims.

There are two versions of the new CSpro control system, a "basic” version equipped with a 15 inch touch panel PC for standard functions, e.g. when processing masterbatch or powder coatings, and a "medium” version with a 19-inch touch panel with enhanced capabilities, such as order, batch and formulation management.

All ZSK models, including the new "smart” machines, can be retrofitted with a torque measurement unit, Coperion advises. This provides specific energy calculation and information on the dynamic behaviour of the twin screw.

More Information: www.coperion.com

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