Coperion at Chinaplas in Shanghai – and an in-house show in Nanjing

STS advanced: higher output with improved compound quality

Well in time for Chinaplas 2010 Coperion has increased the specific torque of its STS advanced compounding extruder by 15% to 10 Nm/cm³. Thanks to this increase in torque, standard twin screw (STS) compounders achieve not only an improvement in product quality but also an up to 20% higher output. The decisive factors for the increase in output, besides process-related adaptations, are the function and cost optimized key components of the drive system. The STS advanced compounder has been equipped both with a more powerful motor and with a gearbox rated for the required torque. Since it now offers an improved price-performance ratio, the compounder will pay for itself within an even shorter time.

The STS advanced will be making its début in the world of plastic experts at a Coperion in-house show in Nanjing on 30th March 2010. Moreover, an STS 50 advanced is already available to customers for application trials in the Coperion Nanjing test lab.

Coperion’s further development of the STS advanced has benefited considerably from the company’s vast experience gained with the high-end ZSK MEGAcompounder series. The STS advanced series unites the advantages of a largely standardized and hence cost-efficient machine with the processing know-how acquired by Coperion over many years. A decisive factor for the improvement in compound quality is the relative increase in the amount of material passing through the extruder barrel. This reduces the specific shear stress, lowers the melt temperature and improves the mixing performance. As a result, the STS advanced operates with a gentler compounding action as well as higher efficiency and product quality.

The STS advanced compounder is distinguished by its wide range of applications, its short delivery time and its proven Coperion quality. This user-friendly compounder is sturdy and reliable in operation and requires only a minimum of maintenance. Its easy-to-learn Push Button Control is a feature popular with customers worldwide. A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is also available if desired. Before it leaves Coperion’s Nanjing factory, every STS advanced compounder performs a test run with material, thus minimizing the time to put the machine into operation on the customer’s premises. Delivery as a pre-tested and ready-assembled modular system complete with feeding system and downstream units is also possible.

More Information: www.coperion.com

Chinaplas 2010, 19.-22. April 2010, Shanghai, China