Coperion: Preventive wear diagnosis guarantees constant product quality

COBRA LG: Video and laser-guided wear analysis

Coperion GmbH presented its new COBRA LG wear diagnosis system at K 2010. With this new system it is possible to obtain rapid, comprehensive and relevant information on the actual state of wear of the inner walls of the barrels of extruding and compounding systems in the size range from ZSK 240 to ZSK 380. The system comprises a high-resolution video camera and a laser-guided surface measuring device, both of which are mounted on a carriage that travels along the inside of the extruder barrel. All that is necessary in order to use the COBRA LG is to remove the screw shaft assembly from the extruder barrels. Dismantling of the extruder barrels itself is not necessary. The wear diagnosis is best performed - from a cost and time saving aspect - during one of Coperion's routine servicing programs. During K 2010, on Stand B33 in Hall 14, Coperion presented the COBRA LG wear diagnosis system in the extruder barrel of a ZSK 380. For smaller compounding systems - models ZSK 40 to 133 - Coperion's service-proven GBM barrel bore measurement system has over the years demonstrated to be an ideal means of diagnosing barrel wear, says the company.

The new COBRA LG wear diagnosis system determines the state of barrel wear in two stages: the high-resolution video camera first films the inner walls of the barrel, thus permitting a thorough optical analysis of their state of wear, and then either the entire inner surface of the barrel or just selected critical areas are precision scanned by means of a laser-guided surface measuring system. Analytical software converts the laser readings into a three-dimensional graph showing the measurements relevant to the actual state of wear.

With its optical analysis and precision measurement capabilities, the COBRA LG system provides the basis for a detailed risk evaluation, allowing the preventive recognition of faults and possible malfunctions. This enables repairs to be planned in advance, with the main benefit being a reduction in repair costs together with an increase in available machine capacity. All in all, the COBRA LG system contributes to achieving a constant high quality product, closes the manufacturer.