Cooling innovation


Every molder knows that fast cycle times are all about the cooling, and to help get the heat out Progressive Components offers its latest Bubbler Base designed for maximum cooling flow rates and ease of mold assembly and disassembly. The Bubbler Base accepts attachment of a thin-wall cascade tube in order to optimally cool long, round mold cores. The Bubbler Base comes in two installation styles to suit assembly and disassembly preferences, in four diameters each.

“The Bubbler Base is a huge problem-solver,” Ken Rumore, design engineer for Progressive Components, told PlasticsToday at the Amerimold trade show. “Tubes no longer need to be screwed or unscrewed from the plate, which can take hours for a large multicavity mold. In addition, to clean the tubes you don’t have to unscrew them, just pop them out of the plate. That way you don’t destroy the tubes trying to get them out. And it saves time and money when replacing damaged tubes.”...
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