Controlled crystallization realizes paint-free finish


In a claimed industry first, an MIC Class A surface has been achieved with 60% glass fiber reinforcement without the need for painting. The controlled crystallization rate employed during processing eliminates the need for painting without adversely affecting cycle time. The development won the Materials category of the 42nd Annual Automotive Innovation Awards competition organized by the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Automotive Division.

The part in question is a register vane that directs air towards cabin occupants. The black component can be found in the 2013 models of Ford Motor Company's Escape, Fusion, and Lincoln MKZ vehicles. The polyamide resin supplier was Asahi Kasei Plastics (Fowlerville, MI) with its Leona 90G60 B3374 PA66/6I grade.

The register vanes measuring from 100 to 170 mm in length and down to 3 mm in wall thickness are molded in a 2+2 cavitation mold with up to five vanes per cavity by processors TRW and Key Plastics. Tooling suppliers are Liberty and J&J....
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