Continuous improvement in injection molding: Join us now!


Our marketing blitz has probably made clear that this Thursday, Sept. 8, we will host the plastics industry's first Virtual Event, with the subject "Continuous Improvement in Injection Molding." A few thousand "early adopter" processors already have registered but here's a call to the other 100,000 of you out there. We're baiting our offer with another iPad 2. The first one is already spoken for by one of those first few thousand registrants; this second one goes to everyone who registers from today, Sept. 6, until 10:00 ET on Thursday, Sept. 8.

But the iPads are just the icing on the cake. Last week PlasticsToday and the companies that are joining us for the event made a test run of the Event to make sure the booths worked and looked good, check the lay of the land and get a feel for how the Event will function. It's user-friendly, looks sharp and is fun too. Moving about is easy, asking questions and meeting others at the Event is easy, and (more bait) many exhibitors are offering prizes to the processors that visit their stands.
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