Continuous-fiber laminate/overmolding compound combination to further plastic penetration in auto

The trend towards weight saving in the automotive sector is relentless and is becoming increasingly important as the year 2020 approaches—this is when the fleet CO2 emissions of European automobile manufacturers must comply with significantly more stringent requirements.

Thermoplastic materials, with both short- and long-fiber reinforcement, have made a major contribution to lightweighting today, because with their help innumerable metal production components were replaced by equally capable plastic counterparts according to resin supplier BASF SE (Ludwigshafen, Germany). Simultaneously, these plastic components and materials are starting to reach their fundamental limits. The next big advance in metal substitution in vehicle construction will succeed only with a technological leap, namely, using continuous-fiber reinforcement of injection molded structures, i.e., with thermoplastic composites, adds BASF....

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