Continuing bans, bashing and trashing of plastic, has SPE’s CEO speaking out


In spite of what the general masses believe, Willem DeVos, CEO of the Society of Plastics Engineers, is a defender of what he says is the “best choice an OEM can make.” DeVos gave the keynote at the recent SPE Thermoforming Conference in Grand Rapids, MI.

While we in the industry understand the benefits of the many uses of plastic in our everyday life, people generally underestimate – or are not even aware of – the benefits of this valuable material. “Plastics will contribute to the prevention of food shortages by keeping food safe, maximizing crop yields, enabling logistics of ‘right portions’ as demand increases for one-person portions, and provide innovative possibilities such as floating greenhouses,” said DeVos. “Plastics help combat the shortage of drinking water by creating drinking water through various devices, and replacing old piping systems or putting in new plastic pipe grids to get water to placed that don’t have it.”...
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