Construction Division: New, parallel twin-screw extruder series offers outstanding performance

New parallel twin-screw extruder series
As one of its exhibition highlights, battenfeld-cincinnati, Bad Oeynhausen/Vienna, is presenting a new, parallel twin-screw extruder series at this year’s K show, which constitutes the first joint product development of the new Construction Division that was created by the merger of the two companies Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik and Cincinnati Extrusion. Thanks to their vast pool of experience, the company’s engineering team has succeeded in developing a new extruder generation specially optimized mainly for PVC processing, which features a significant boost in output with a simultaneous increase in energy-efficiency.

Thanks to a 34 D processing length, the new parallel, counterrotating twin-screw extruders from battenfeld-cincinnati stand out especially by their high performance. With screw diameters ranging from 78 to 135 mm, the four models of this series cover an output range from 100 to 1,000 kg/h in PVC profile extrusion, which represents an increase in output by about 25% over the predecessor models of both companies.

This boost in performance has been achieved by using an innovative four-shaft drive and by lengthening the processing unit. This drive unit, currently the most powerful on offer in combination with an AC motor, yields a high torque and consequently a high output. The machine’s U configuration allows the drive block to be kept extremely compact, so that the extruder requires no extra space in spite of its longer processing unit.

Other benefits of the new twin-screw extruder generation include maintenance-free, self-optimizing screw tempering and insulated barrel elements that ensure energy-efficient production. Thanks to the lengthened processing unit, a longer pre-heating zone for extremely gentle material processing has been incorporated in the basic, all-purpose screw geometry. As standard, the twin-screw extruders come with a metering device that is thermally separated from the filler, so that no additional water-cooling system is required. To ensure maximum service life for the processing unit, the screws are coated with molybdenum and the barrels nitrided. Last but not least, the extruders are extremely easy to operate thanks to their innovative, enlarged 19-inch touch screen operating panel.