Constar invests in widemouth jar capacity


PET blowmolder Constar is adding new capacity for its specialty widemouth jar business.

George Caplea, commercial EVP of Constar, told PlasticsToday the company has ordered a machine that both increases its overall capacity for widemouth jars, and improves its ability to respond to new business opportunities. Further details about the machine were not released.

He said the decision to expand capacity now was driven by higher demand for jars from its customers who fill peanut butter, mayonnaise, and other food products. The expansion announced is attributed to growth for food containers from both existing customers and new business.

"Generally, there is growing demand for wide mouth PET, and that underlies our confidence to make this investment," he said. "There is a continuing trend of consumer preference for PET's shatter resistance, lighter weight, and sustainability advantages. Moreover, many shelf stable food categories like tomato sauce, salsa, and apple sauce are very oxygen sensitive."...
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