Conflicting automotive survey results on supplier/OEM relationships


What is the real story regarding the relationship between automotive OEMs and their suppliers? As so many things in life, it depends on whom you ask, or maybe also how you ask. While one recent automotive supplier survey revealed deteriorating relationships between global suppliers and their OEM customers, a new survey from Planning Perspectives Inc. tells a different story.

We reported on the SupplierBusiness survey earlier this week (read that article here). The results showed that after several years of gradual improvements, particularly for North American OEMs, this year shows a "marked deterioration" in their relations with suppliers. The relations between Japanese carmakers - traditionally in the top positions of the ranking - and European carmakers and their suppliers also are not very good.

Not so fast with the bad blood, according to automotive consulting firmPlanning Perspectives Inc. (Birmingham, MI). The company reported in its survey of North American automakers and their suppliers that, as a group, "the U.S. automakers continue to show steady improvement, and the Japanese automakers continue to slip." Planning Perspectives surveyed suppliers of North American automakers including the Detroit Three (GM, Ford and Chrysler), the Japanese automakers Toytota, Honda and Nissan, and for the first time included the European automakers Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes....
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