Configurable HFR metering system

Graco HFR metering systemThe HFR metering system is a hydraulic, fixed-ratio, in-plant material dispensing machine that handles two-component materials including PU foams, PU elastomers, epoxies, silicones, and polyureas. The unit offers a fixed ratio range of 1:1?-?16:1 and flow rates of 1.3?-?45 lb/min (0.6?-?20.5 kg/min). Its material handling capabilities allow the system to be used in a number of markets including automotive, construction, re­creation, medical, electronics, solar, and white goods.

While many other PU processing systems are custom-designed for specific applications, the modular design of the HFR metering system allows manufacturers to configure the machine to meet their specific needs and to later add features as their manufacturing processes evolve.

The system is engineered to deliver accurate, on-ratio shot sizes. In constant communication with the system's display module, the motor control module makes real-time adjustments to deliver a precise dispense. This module executes a closed-loop control algorithm to drive the motor and produce hydraulic fluid flow and pressure.

The system uses Graco Control Architecture, a standardised platform of control software and hardware, to provide easy set-up, material monitoring capabilities and system diagnostics. The platform has local control modules that are easily updatable for added future functionality. Furthermore, the system's Graco Z-Series horizontal pumps are capable of processing filled materials.