Conair auxiliaries target medical extruders


Conair has developed a specially designed suite of extrusion equipment aimed at the demands of the medical market.

"Medical extruders have told us that their key to success lies in controlling process variables," says Bob Bessemer, Conair sales manager, Medical Extrusion. "This equipment not only gives them control of their process, so that they can make higher-quality tubing, it also gives them set-up and operation features that make their process more efficient so they can make more money."

Elements include:

•MedLine puller/cutter,
•Convertible puller,
•MedVac flood-cooling tanks, and
•Micro planetary cutter,
Advanced servo-drive and control technology in the MedLine puller/cutter targets production of tapered and "bump" tubing. The outside and inside diameters (OD and ID) are adjusted to expand the tube to create a wider-diameter bump at a point where a catheter would be attached to other medical equipment. The tubing is then cut to produce a nearly finished catheter tube. Nominal outside diameter is between 0.020 and 0.070

inch, with wall thickness of 0.006 inch or less....
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