Compounder expands offerings; PP and PA loaded with recycled mineral fillers


In response to what it says is customers' increasing demand for sustainable plastic compounds, French custom compounder Eurostar Engineering Plastics is incorporating MinTron-brand alumino-silicate solid glass spheres into a new range of thermoplastic compounds made with 100% recycled, low carbon reinforcing agents.

Eurostar EP sources its fillers through Univar-France, the distributor in France for "eco-mineral specialist" RockTron. We have reported on RockTron and its novel fillers before. In an interview at last fall's K show in German, RockTron (Bristol, UK) director of advanced products, Godfrey Short, gave details of his company's Mintron 7 eco-filler, which comprises solid alumino-silicate glass spheres derived from fly ash. The 7-µm particles are grayish in color but Short notes that 80% of plastic automotive components are black, and this is one market segment that the filler targets....
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