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Composites:low weight and high rigidity

Keep the ball rolling with ingeniously lightweight materials

BREYER presents Gap Impregnation Technology “FiberShape “

Automated construction of CFK vehicle bonnets in 15 minutes.
This new technology is another milestone for the series launch of gap impregnation technology.
It allows the automated production of a vehicle bonnet, made of CFK integral construction in only 15 minutes. Sandwich building elements can be manufactured in one single step. Using a fiber composite design, the weight of the bonnet has been reduced by 60 %. Its weight is about 5 kg.

BREYER is an innovative medium-sized engineering company with more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality and efficient extrusion lines for plastics processing. This novel machine technology will open new markets for the company in the promising fields of composites.
The machine concept is essentially built of only six modules: A basic machine with mould carriers, a tool kit with both mould sets and the central part, an injection system, vacuum device, temperature control and handling system.
The innovative tool comprises a tool frame and two mould halves. The maximum clamping surface size is 1,2 x 1,7 m.
The tools’ surface topography has been optimised to allow direct painting of components, which is an essential step to a more efficient and automated production. The sandwich construction structure supports connecting elements for mounting in order to avoid subsequent installations of additional elements on the formed part.
For the set-up of the machine no elaborate foundation is necessary, as it is used e. g. for presses. Both process and machine are designed for low pressures (<10 bar), hence the whole construction is less extensive than high pressure machines. This is also beneficiary for the movement dynamics. Fast open-close movements can be carried out by saving energy with linear units.
For a fully automated production the machine is provided with handling systems that can be easily integrated into the machine concept.
The current version of the machine is set up for form sizes up to max. 1,2 x 1,7 m. Other sizes, according to requirements of moulded components, are contemplated.
Furthermore BREYER will inform about the new system with a animated video movie and show the motor bonnet at the K fair in Düsseldorf (16 – 23 October 2013) at Hall 16, booth 16C18