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Competence in Filler Questions

The Quarzwerke Group is a globally active family-owned company with a leading market position in the field of mining and processing of mineral raw materials. Thanks to over 125 years of expertise the division,
The Mineral Engineers, offers unique filler solutions by developing innovative and functional High Performance Fillers and additives on a mineralogical and synthetic basis tailored to polymer producers demands. The wide range of products includes functional fillers based on raw materials such as quartz, cristobalite, fused silica, wollastonite, kaolin, mica, feldspar, talc, to name just a few.

Novel filler concepts to improve the thermal conductivity of plastics

Acicular and flake-like fillers give thermoplastics outstanding values in the range of mechanical properties as well as thermal parameters. Recently, though, new properties have been added to these classic requirements. The use of metallic fibres or powders is widespread where a high degree of thermal conductivity is required in plastic moulding compounds. However, it is important in this case to take into account the disadvantage of the loss of electrical insulation. Mineral fillers are natural insulators, i.e. they meet the requirement of an insulating effect against electrical current.

The high thermal conductivity of the minerals can usually not be retained in the compound. Through the many years of experience, The Mineral Engineers have succeeded in developing with SIlATHERM® new types of fillers that generate a significant increase in the thermal conductivity of plastics.

SILGLOW® is a new product series also, whose special effect only comes into full play when the lights go out. SILGLOW® is a modified fused silica. The strong noctilucence is effected by a special anorganic treatment. The product is characterized by an extremely good mechanical and thermal strength. SILGLOW® is available in several grain sizes and shines in the colours green or blue.

The Mineral Engineers are constantly working together with their customers on further developments of functional fillers for polymer applications.