Compact dryers developed for miniature-part molding operations

Compact dryers with 0.75-, 1.5-, 3- and 5-L hopper volumes are designed for miniature-part molding operations. Drying just the right amount of material can be challenging for injection molders producing small and micro parts. The new Luxor CA S range of dryers from Motan-Colortronic (Konstanz, Germany) enables appropriate scaling of drying operations.

The modular drying systems can be mounted on the processing equipment, even in tight fits. Factory-supplied compressed air, which is fed into the dryers, expands to atmospheric pressure, resulting in dry process air with a low dew point that is then heated to the required drying temperature. The use of desiccants is not necessary, making the dryers suitable for use in cleanrooms. All models are equipped with a thermostat and low air-flow safety switch to prevent overheating of the material if air throughput is insufficient.

Because of their 30 to 180°C temperature range, Luxor CA S microdryers are compatible with a range of materials.

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