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Colour Road 13/14 - Trend colours

A balloon ride through time

Imagine, you are sitting in a hot-air balloon and floating over cities, villages and landscapes. It is not only the world below us that seems to be smaller, but also our worries and fears that diminish with increasing altitude. You notice the different colours of landscapes and admire the glorious play of colours: stony, mystic grey of the Middle Ages, yellow and orange tones of romantic landscapes, and glittering bluish-green nuances of futuristic metropolises: The 2013/2014 colour and design worlds take you on a fascinating journey in time, through the ages and their aesthetic styles.

From our balloon, we look back at the time Middle Ages. The theme Mystic Inspirations with ther gothic castles speak a time when we still trusted blindly in a higher power. Warm neutral and beige tones are combined with striking wood structures and shingle effects.

Looking down from our balloon, we see idyllic landscapes that seem to have been painted by 19th century artists. The colour palette of Romantic Reflections presents warm shades of yellow, orange, golden-brown, red and goes along with us to the second target of our time travel.

Finally we take a look upwards, and see the fantastic cities of future and incredible architects. The third trend theme Future Creations offers us a wide range of blue and green colours.

As opposing as these three periods with their colour palettes may be, they show us the trend diversity. From neutral tones, over red and orange to the blue and green shades: These are the trends for the coming season!

We offer our clients a comprehensive trend colours consulting and support the implementation of the colour ideas into the final product. The right color selection determines the market success of products. Be one step ahead!

You would like to have a colour consultation or you would like to see some plastic samples based on Colour Road 2013/2014? Then call us at +49 9571 789-0 or write us zentrale@lifocolor.de!

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