Colortronic North America merges with AEC

Auxiliary equipment supplier Colortronic North America is being absorbed by the AEC brand of auxiliary equipment.

"Colortronic North America has a strong market presence in blending and feeding equipment, but is not well known in the remainder of the auxiliary equipment product lines," according to a statement from AEC. The company said that this move will strengthen the AEC blending and feeding product offering, and eliminate confusion between the two brands in the marketplace.

AEC carries a full line of feeding and blending products for the plastics and other markets. For example:
•AEC already offers the "DD" series digital doser which is the same as, and will replace, the Colorblend that was sold by Colortronic.
•AEC offers the AccuMeter feeding and blending system which replaces the Graviblend and GraviPlus systems that were sold by Colortronic. The AccuMeter system offers full blending and feeding capability at a lower cost than the Colortronic systems it replaces.

In addition to blending and feeding systems, AEC designs and produces a full line of auxiliary equipment including material handling, drying, process cooling, temperature control and size reduction.