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Colorakel: There really are such things as heroes Episode 4

In his quest to discover color inspirations for the coming season, our superhero COLORAKEL embarks on exciting adventures and encounters all sorts of people, animals and fantasy creatures. On his last journey, COLORAKEL met a fairy who rendered him speechless by immediately fulfilling his wish without wasting a word. For his fourth adventure, our superhero ventures out onto the cold ice with his special suit and glasses. Bundle up to stay warm -the adventure begins right NOW.

In the freezing cold and icy wind, COLORAKEL sets out on journey against a backdrop of craggy mountains, glaciers, pack ice and crystal-clear water. On a sheet of floating ice, out in the Arctic Ocean, between gigantic table ice bergs inhabited by the most unusual animals, he encounters a grumpy old polar bear. COLORAKEL immediately senses a chance to discover a new color inspiration first hand and asks the polar bear what he thinks will be the next trend color. „The next trend color? Well, at least for the past 5,000 years, it’s been snow.” COLORAKEL is amazed as he looks around and realizes that the old polar bear no longer appreciates the beauty of his surroundings. Our little hero decides to make the beauty and elegance of this world visible to him again and replies:

„My dear polar bear, why do you look so grim? You are a wonderful animal and your magnificent fur is radiant in the arctic sun. Now just look around and see how this unique arctic world sparkles and glitters. I have never before seen a place of such cool and elegant beauty. This blue luster is not simply ICE. No, it is a color inspiration for me that I shall call ARCTIC-SNOW. There is no name more fantastic than this to capture the breathtaking landscape of the eternal ice”.

Get ready for another one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.