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Colorakel: There really are such things as heroes Episode 13

Undaunted and armed with his special glasses, our superhero COLORAKEL plunges off on his next breathtaking adventure in his pursuit to track down the colors of the coming season for the GRAFE Design Center. COLORAKEL´s last color discovery was a cheeky little chameleon in Africa that, despite his claims, wasn’t able to produce a limitless spectrum of colors. Our superhero’s new mission appears so unreal that one could get the idea it’s magic. Or could it really be magic? Let’s see. Raise the curtain for the adventure that begins right NOW.

Can it really be magic? Right in front of COLORAKEL is a tent with many colored stripes and a beautifully decorated gate with the large and impressive figure of a magician standing before it. He enters the magician’s tent and stands facing a man with a pointed hat, prominent nose, moustache and the most amazing magician’s cloak that our superhero has ever laid eyes on. It reaches down to the floor and its color shimmers in the light. The magician asks COLORAKEL if he can help him. COLORAKEL responds with a story of his amazing adventures in his search for the trend colors of the coming season. The magician is so fascinated he fails to notice that he is pulling one rabbit after the next from his magician’s hat: violet, purple and yellow rabbits. He is really trying to pull a color out of his hat but not one is suitable for the Color Preview: „Now wait a second, I'll get you your darn trend color!“ the magician replies somewhat angrily to our superhero. However, COLORAKEL is only marginally aware of his actions since he can’t take his eyes off the unusual man’s cloak. At first glance, it appears completely black. Yet, upon closer observation he notices that it is shimmering in an otherworldly purple. COLORAKELS eyes sparkle in the violet sheen of the cloak. Never before has he seen anything like it. With a slight stutter he tells the magician:

„Dear magician, I have found the color I’ve been searching for. It’s your cloak. I will call it MAGIC-PURPLE and the whole world shall fall under its spell.“

Don’t miss the next one of COLORAKEL’S exciting adventures. A hero, who really does exist, with adventures to rival those of Superman.