Collaboration results in winning part for Tier 1 automotive molder


Industrial Molds Group, a mold manufacturer specializing in precision molds with multiple complex actions, was pleased when its customer, MPC Inc., a Tier 1 molder of automotive components for global OEMs, won the ‘Single Part’ award in the Society of the Plastics Industry’s International Plastics Design Competition. The award was presented at NPE2012 in Orlando, FL on April 5, where Industrial Molds had a booth to showcase its capabilities.

The Water Outlet assembly represented a metal to plastic conversion which integrated two components into one assembly. The thermoplastic replacement is a single molded product, delivering greater than 25% cost savings and a 450g weight reduction. During the early development stages, “MPC discussed building these molds with multiple mold makers, some of which had concerns with the design,” noted Brad Hakes, Product Engineering supervisor – Molded Components for MPC Inc. “While there were other mold makers who believed they could make a mold for this part, MPC ultimately chose Industrial Molds.”...
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