Cold Jet showcases new Plastics Edition range at Fakuma


The new Plastics Edition, specifically tailored for end users in the plastics industry, where mold cleaning issues are rife, is based on Cold Jet's (Loveland, Ohio) existing Aero Series of dry ice cleaning systems. The series has now been improved, and the Plastics Editions are delivered with a range of purpose designed accessories, said Cold Jet. The new equipment is designed to provide excellent pellet integrity, the highest levels of cleaning aggression and the most reliable blast stream currently available on the market. The Plastics Edition benefits from the 30 years of experience which Cold Jet has built up in dry ice cleaning in many different industrial sectors.

As the company points out, clean molds are a critical component of producing quality end products, but traditional cleaning methods involve tedious and ineffective manual processes using chemicals and hand tools. Dry ice blasting offers a non-abrasive and environmentally responsible alternative that allows molds and product to be cleaned in a fraction of the time, allowing increased cycles between preventive maintenance. In addition, molds can be cleaned at operating temperature and in-place, without water, chemicals or creation of secondary waste. It is a dry process which leaves no secondary residue. Dry ice cleaning improves the quality of finished goods. It utilizes the same food grade CO2 used in carbonated beverages.
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