Coca-Cola’s new brand turns PET bottles into a fashion statement


Coca-Cola is hoping its new brand initiative will have consumers thirsty for recycled content in fashion and other consumer products. Global musical artist and producer and the beverage giant joined forces to create the EKOCYCLE brand, which is dedicated to help push for sustainability into peoples' lives by offering lifestyle products made in part from recycled content. Coke's brand name, spelled backwards, "EKOC" - is embedded into the EKOCYCLE moniker.

Coca-Cola spokesperson Susan Stribling told PlasticsToday that the EKOCYCLE brand intends to educate people about every day recycling choices. Coca-Cola will make a minimum $1 million financial commitment over the next five years.

"By making recycled products more attractive to people, EKOCYCLE will help create a greater business incentive to include recycled content, such as plastic bottles, in consumer products," she said. "Empty containers will be viewed as valuable instead of as waste."...
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