CoPEEK & Meldin® 7000

BIEGLO High Performance Distribution on the International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber “K 2013”.

The BIEGLO GmbH, known for their distribution of high-performance products, is going to exhibit on
the fair K 2013 in Düsseldorf from October 16th to 23th.

To foster polymer sales in this growth market BIEGLO focus will be put on the high-temperature polymers CoPEEK from Panjin Zhongrun and Meldin® 7000, a polyimide from Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics.
CoPEEK, appropriate for high-end products due to its unique combination of high chemical and temperature resistance with outstanding strength and stiffness and low friction rates, can be delivered in form of granules, powder, films and semi-finished shapes. This material can replace metal and has lower weight and the ability to be recycled. A proof of this ability is the increasing use of CoPEEK as replacement for metals in demanding application. The newest development in the sector of low abrasion materials is presented with a chemically bonded CoPEEK-PTFE compound. The homogeneous morphology of this patented polymer leads to extraordinary low friction and abrasion rates over an extended loading time.

With Meldin® 7000, BIEGLO will present the top of high-performance polymers in form of semifinished products. Meldin® 7000 is a qualified series of high-temperature polymers, which fulfill the utmost demands of wear and dimensional stability by keeping its high stiffness and strength.

Meldin® enables to realize applications, which resist temperatures up to more than 400C for a short term and over 300C over a long term period – an endurability that has only been met by metals so far. Compared to metals, Meldin® has the great advantage of being much lighter, providing weight savings between 60 and 80%. Meldin® 7000’s flammability is rated V-0, 5VA per UL-94.

BIEGLO will also present the chemically resistive family of long-chained polyamides from Shandong Dongchen.