Co-injection goes hybrid for energy savings


Calling it the industry's largest servo hybrid co-injection molding machine, Milacron will be running a 1500-ton MAXIMA press developed in conjunction with co-injection expert Bemis at its 2013 open house (April 24-25; Batavia, OH). In addition to allowing molders to sandwich scrap resin within virgin material, the servodriven coinjection device uses less than half the energy of a comparable 1500-ton hydraulic.

Milacron said the machine offers seven unique process capabilities and can be configured for sequential or simultaneous injection, stack molding, multi-component and co-injection, as well as other advanced processes.

Milacron and Bemis Manufacturing have a long history of co-injection collaboration, including a 6600-ton co-injection machine used to create hood components for John Deere tractors, among other applications....
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