Closing the Skills Gap: Currier Plastics helps develop first plastics technology program at Cayuga County Community College


Starting a plastics technology program from scratch isn’t easy. It takes cooperation with industry to get a program established. That is the role of Currier Plastics and Sam Ware, automation engineer at Currier. Ware recently spent the day on the campus of Cayuga Community College (CCC) working with some CCC architecture students on the design of the new plastics lab.

“John Currier, our president, was involved in the initial planning and asked me to help,” Ware told PlasticsToday. “This lab is going to quite the showpiece for the community, industry and students. Layout of the lab will be like an actual factory. They will have an injection molding machine, which will be donated by Currier (, with a Cartesian robot, and a conveyor. There are also plans for the lab to acquire a CNC machining center, a lathe and a multi-axis robot on a mobile station so that students can perform different real-world tasks with it, giving them the hands-on learning experience of a real molding facility.”

Christie Waters, Chair, Division of Natural and Health Sciences, Mathematics and Technology departments at CCC, told PlasticsToday that the new Plastics Technology program will fit well with the mechanical technology program that focuses on CAD, and the electrical engineering program. “However, this will be the first time that we have a program that directly addresses skills for the plastics industry,” she said. ...
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