NUGA Systems AG

ClassCut 420/540

ClassCut 420/540

Nuga Systems AG presents at K 2013 the granulator ClassCut 420/540 for the first time. The ClassCut 420/540 came this summer as a new product on the market.

The ClassCut is specially developed and aligned for the needs of the plastic packaging in­dustry. Costumer surveys have shown that they set a high value on knife lifetime, quality of the regrind and the process stability. We achieve these requirements by using sinter carbide cutting insert and their double-V-shaped blade layout in the grinder. The noise insulation is easy to open and guarantees an optimal tool-free access to the granulator for maintenance and cleaning within a few moments.

The advantages at a glance:
- Excellent cost-efficiency
- High energy efficient
- Double-V-shaped blade layout for an equal regrind
- Noise insulation
- Plug and play

The ClassCut is perfectly suited to granulate engineering plastic and blown bottles up to a volume of 10 litres.