Clariant: Sustainable value creation is based on innovation and growth


'Discover Innovation' was the theme of Clariant's Media Day event held on June 25-26 at the company's brand spanking new Innovation Center in Frankfurt. The new CIC features a light, open workplace design to foster contact and communication while providing state-of-the-art chemical research laboratory facilities for the approximately 500 employees who work here. The new facilities have also enabled R&D to be centralized at a single location instead of dispersed across various sites: "A far better way of organizing these activities," said Clariant CEO Hariolf Kottmann.

The Media Day event opened with a presentation from Kottmann, who was visibly pleased to announce that the company's focus on profitable growth was starting to deliver. "The repositioning of the portfolio, which we started in 2009, has resulted in a doubling of our profitability," he said. "We divested five businesses and acquired Süd-Chemie, a specialty chemical company headquartered in Munich. Today, we are focused on markets with future perspectives and strong growth rates, and businesses with competitive positions and significant pricing power."
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