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Developments and Innovations

Recycling plastics sensibly

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Material with added value

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Recycling plastics with bio-technology

No Plastic Waste in the environment

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Eliminate plastic waste in our environment

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VDMA Pavilion as central hub for Circular Economy at K 2019

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American Marketing Association

People recycle more when they know what recyclable waste becomes

A new study shows that consumers recycle more when they think about how their waste can be transformed into new products. Change the conversation from 'Where does this go?' to 'What does this create?' to increase recycling rates.
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Foto: Plastikprodukte Foto: Plastikprodukte
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau

Polymers jump through hoops on pathway to sustainable materials

Recyclable plastics that contain ring-shaped polymers may be a key to developing sustainable synthetic materials. Despite some promising advances, researchers said, a full understanding of how to processes ring polymers into practical materials remains elusive. In a new study, researchers identified a mechanism called ...
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