Chinese moldmaker takes home SPE award


For the first time in the three-decade history of the Mold Making and Mold Design Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Mold Maker of the Year was awarded to a person and company headquartered outside North America. The recipient of this award for 2011, S.Y. Chu, is chairman of Zhongshan Pacific Master Precision Injection Ltd., a large mold manufacturer and injection molder based in Zhongshan, China.

Chu started the company in March 2000 and like so much in China, it has grown quickly since then. Zhongshan Pacific now employs approximately 1200 including mold technicians, engineers, and other staff. The company's two divisions of mold manufacturing -- large mold building and small/precision mold building - have capabilities that include high-speed hard milling, wire and EDM sinking EDM; and CMM inspection. It exports between 60-70% of its molds with customers in automotive, appliance and other industries. Zhongshan Pacific also has 100 injection molding machines with clamp force up to 1200 tonnes. Plastics processing capabilities include insert/encapsulation molding plus a variety of secondary operations including screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing, wet paint line, and full assembly capability.
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