Chinese injection machine options expand


Mention a leading Chinese injection molding machinery vendor and first thoughts might turn to giant Haitian (Ningbo) but nowadays there are a few more purveyors of presses on the mainland with global ambitions emerging.

Take Guangdong Yizumi Precision Machinery Co. (Foshan, China), for example, which recently acquired the intellectual property and customer lists of HPM (Mt. Gilead, OH). Yizumi plans to set up a technical center in the U.S., reintroduce the HPM range of die-casting machines and then injection machines, and eventually establish the Yizumi brand in the U.S. market. "This [acquisition] is a good opportunity for us to upgrade the quality of our machines and develop the U.S. market," said sales representative Michelle Chan, who was speaking to PlasticsToday at the Chinaplas show in Guangzhou. At Chinaplas, Yizumi ran a 48-cavity PET preform machine with AC servomotor-driven hydraulic pump operating in a 12-second cycle....
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