Chinese coal-to-olefins plant uses Dow Unipol for PP production


The first plant in China to manufacture polypropylene (PP) from coal-generated olefins will utilize Dow's Unipol gas-phase process. The China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Baotou Coal Chemical Co.'s Shenhua Baotou Coal Chemicals business started up the 300,000-tons/yr PP facility in early August. Located in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the plant uses gasification technology to convert coal into a synthesis gas or syngas. That syngas is used to produce methanol, which is transformed into PP building blocks, olefins.

Unipol's fluidized-bed reactors and high-performance SHAC catalyst systems allow the production of homopolymers, random copolymers, and impact copolymers.

Shenhua Group is a state-owned company founded in 1995, with 54 coal mines at present and a total coal production capacity of 200 million tons. In addition to power plants with a total installed capacity of 16,080 MW, the company has been investing heavily in the new coal-to-chemicals business....
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