Chinaplas 2014 to promote sustainability


Many enterprises have well recognized the importance of building a sustainable future through resources management, recycling and energy savings. With its durable, lightweight and versatile features, plastic products make a significant contribution to global sustainability. Lightweight vehicles reduce fossil fuel energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions, whereas innovative plastic packaging protects food in shipment and keeps it fresher and longer. High-tech plastic insulation reduces energy consumption in buildings. Energy and resources efficiencies have drawn plastics and rubber practitioner's attention as it becomes ever more pressing issues for many enterprises to stay competitive in the world with scarcity of resources. Green technologies and industrial processes have become the promising ways leading the world to a more sustainable future.

Echoing the increasing demand for more sustainable business practices, Chinaplas 2014, held at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, PR China from April 23 - 26, 2014, will promote sustainability under the theme of "Greenovation - Solution to Sustainability," with "The City of Tomorrow" and "Green Conference" as two featured events.
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