Chinaplas 2013 returns to Guangzhou, promoting green technologies and a new film extrusion zone


As the world faces a shortage of energy and resources, many countries have put forth green strategies in the attempt to manage these issues.

"In China, the government is putting more efforts into building up an environment-friendly society as to drive China toward environmental protection, safety and sustainable development," according to Adsale, organizer of the Chinaplas International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries.

With the advancement of industrial technologies, the application of plastics and rubber has also increased. Besides the four key industries, automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, packaging, and building and construction, plastics consumption is on the rise in other sectors, such as medical, lighting, photovoltaic, textiles and toys.

Adsale pointed out that the wide application of plastics and rubber materials not only reduces energy consumption in the process of manufacturing, but also makes recycling possible as to assist the sustainable development of an economy.

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