Chinaplas 2013: Teijin views full polycarbonate auto glazing as a long-term proposition


While full vehicle polycarbonate (PC) glazing would enable an attractive 30-40% weight reduction over glass in an era where automakers are prioritizing lightweighting in order to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy, widespread adoption is at least five years away according to materials supplier Teijin (Tokyo), a leading proponent of the shift away from glass.

"The main issue we face is cost," says Toshihiko Saijo, Manager, Automotive Material Sales at Teijin. "Polycarbonate costs around $3 per kg while glass is a lot cheaper, so we need to reduce costs through process enhancement, design and part consolidation." Saijo and his colleagues were speaking to PlasticsToday at the recent Chinaplas show in Guangzhou
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