Chinaplas 2013: Haitian targets top slot in electric injection machine rankings

For a company that's already global number one in unit shipments of injection molding machines, it comes as no surprise that China's Haitian Group (Ningbo) wants one day to be number one in the all-electric machinery sector. Spearheading this effort is group company Zhafir Plastics Machinery with production plants in Ebermannsdorf, Germany and Ningbo.

Haitian's all-electric machine shipments rose by 14.2% to approximately 800 units in its last fiscal year despite an approximately 20% fall-off in overall machine shipments due to the global downturn and a credit crackdown in China. "This year looks even better [for electric machines] and if we meet our 2013 target of more than 1000 machines, we may enter the top five," says Professor Helmar Franz, Haitian's CEO....

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