Chinaplas 2013: Chen Hsong upgrades hydraulic press offerings

Hong Kong-headquartered injection machine builder Chen Hsong unveiled an upgrade of its Easymaster hydraulic machine series featuring servo-driven hydraulic pumps at the recent Chinaplas show in Guangzhou. The second generation SVP/2 Series comes in clamping forces of 80 tons through 560 tons, and claims overall energy savings of up to 70% versus constant displacement pumps.

The SVP/2 Series also cycles faster than fixed displacement pump-driven presses. A 400-ton press molding a PP component for an exercise bike cycled at 46.5 seconds versus 48.5 seconds for a fixed displacement pump machine. In China,. Chen Hsong estimates a processor could free up 16 days of press time a year based on a product run of 500,000 pieces.

Chen Hsong also exhibited a souped-up version of the SVP/2 Series dubbed the EM120-EC at Chinaplas. This machine employs a Beckhoff controller in place of the company's in-house Ai-02 controller, a servo-pump with higher flow rate for higher injection speed and pressure (up to 30% higher), and linear transducers in place of rotary encoder for injection, clamping and ejection. Platens are also 40-mm thicker

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