Chinaplas 2013: Carbon nanotube ABS compound delivers enhanced paintability

The paintability of ABS resin has been enhanced through addition of carbon nanotubes (CNT) in a compound development from Korea's LG Chem (Seoul). Lucon PS 6080EX grade from the supplier enables painting without the need to apply a costly primer layer. Polycarbonate, PC/ABS, mPPO and, and PPS grades are also available, offering electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding properties.

Speaking to PlasticsToday at the recent Chinaplas show, Senior Sales Manager Terry Kim said LG Chem had just finished development of prototype parts employing the ABS compound with a Tier I vendor of Hyundai Motor. "Not only can we eliminate the conductive primer layer; we've also found increases in spray painting efficiency of 10-20% on account of the higher conductivity," added Kim. "Overall we are confident of being more than competitive with conventional primer-based painting."

In other automotive applications, grade CP-2100-KA08 based on polycarbonate from the same supplier nhas been employed in a housing for a radar-based automobile blind spot detector. The EMI shielding property of the compound is utilized in this application....

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