Chinaplas 2013: Arburg electric, hybrid machines a hit in China

Although only 4% of Arburg's (Loßburg, Germany) injection machines shipped overall found their way to China in 2012, the breakdown of shipments is indicative of the higher demands processors there are placing in precision and energy saving.

In a presentation prior to the Chinaplas show in Guangzhou, Zhao Tong, Managing Director of Arburg Shanghai noted that fully 41% of the machines shipped to China in 2012 were either all electric or hybrid. "This compared with 29% in 2011. He added, "While customers were mainly global players to begin with, around 50 % of our customers are now local businesses."

Around 11% of machines shipped by value were toggled-clamped Edrive or Alldrive electric machines in 2012 compared with 6% in 2011. Hybrid Hidrive machines accounted for 30% of shipments by value versus 23% in 2011. Arburg has also made progress in shipping larger machines, with 12% of sales by value comprising units with 2500 to 5000 kN of clamping force....