Chinaplas 2012: Arburg sees bright future in Asia for light-guide panel molding


Targeting the red-hot tablet market in the region of the world where most are currently made, Arburg showcased an injection molding technology at Chinaplas that can efficiently produce light-guide panels for TFT screens, despite the component's challenging geometry. Applied in everything from notebooks to iPads to LED screens, the light-guide panels are utilized to "guide light" through the screen so that it is even throughout.

Arburg used an Allrounder 630 S, with a clamping force of 2500 kN and a 2-cavity mold to create the panel. With a thickness of only 0.5 mm and a length of 10 inches, the parts have a flow/path wall thickness ratio of 350:1. Hans-Günter Zimmermann, senior sales manager Asia/Africa, said the technology, which utilizes a special polycarbonate, was originally introduced for smaller items, like smart phones, but advances are allowing it to move into larger screens. Produced in a cycle time of approximately 15 seconds, the side-gated light-guide panels are made in a two-stage process combining injection and compression molding....
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