Chinapas 2013: Songwon speaks on auto, China market, and business focus

Polypropylene (PP) is a key material in the quest to lightweight automobiles but it needs to be properly stabilized. Automakers realize this, according to Philippe Schlaepfer, EVP of Corporate Development at Korean additives supplier Songwon Industrial (Ulsan), to the point whereby the company now enjoys direct access to automakers as part of an "integrated consortium" together with the compound supplier when materials are in the specification phase.

The main light stabilization package being promoted by Songwon to the auto sector nowadays couples HALS with a benzoate-based stabilizer. "Benzoates have been around for a long time but their application in conjunction with HALS is relatively new. The right combination provides a two-fold boost in performance," says Schlaepfer. "And our alliance with HALS manufacture SABO gives us access to both stabilizers. We produce benzoates in-house."

"Application development has been the focus of our efforts over the past two years," says Schlaepfer. "To bring a completely new molecule to market is almost impossible, and registration would be a nightmare." Hence, "We are focusing on the available toolbox and combining molecules in order to configure solutions."...

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