Changing focus requires strategic management decisions


VistaTek (Vista Technologies LLC) established its presence in the rapid prototyping business, now termed additive manufacturing (AM), in 1996 and became one of the better known companies in AM services. The company gradually evolved into a full-service supplier that also provided prototype and production molds and injection molding. While that division of the company grew over the years, so did VistaTek’s moldmaking and injection molding business. In fact, the company’s mold manufacturing and molding business experienced some rapid growth recently—quadrupling in size over the past two years.

The co-owners and management team at VistaTek—three siblings that include Dan Mishek, Allen Mishek and Jennifer Sutherland—had a tough decision to make: where to put the focus of the company. “It’s difficult to invest more in additive manufacturing technology when the real demand from customers was coming for molded parts,” said Dan Mishek, VistaTek’s managing director. “We wanted to put our focus where the customers were creating demand, and excel in that area.”...
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